Registered Boer Goat Sale Trends

This past weekend I went on a road trip down to Texarkana for a Boer goat sale. As many of you who are in the Boer goat industry know that this past summer/fall sales have not been that good for the producer. Prices have been really low and it has been hard to get what you put into the animal back out of them. I have watched so many producers take back home animals that they were banking on getting sold. These producers cannot just let their animals go for nothing, it would be more worthwhile to ju708-1 fallst keep what they are trying to get sold for a decent price rather than letting it sale for practically nothing. To make sure we are all on the same track, I am not meaning commercial non-papered goats, I am talking high quality, ABGA registered Boer goats. These can go for thousands of dollars, if they are good enough. They typically can easily make the $400-500 mark on a decent animal.

The Blockbuster Boer goat sale reflected the same thing that I have been observing. The really outstanding does (ones that typically had already been shown and earned points). The rest were the low casual prices which I have witnessed all fall. Nobody seemed interested in any of the bucks while I was there too. I personally have been trying to sell some of my own does and a buck online and have come across the same thing. Many people will sound interested, but they are unwilling to pay for the quality and numbers (does are bred) that they would be receiving. Yes, I understand they would like a deal… but the producer, such as me, cannot accept the loss that we would get if we let them go for almost nothing. We have to make a profit off of our animals or it is not worth raising them. I continue to lower my prices and have reached the bottom dollar until they kid out. So, I hope to see a good outcome and a better economy in the future, where the producers are not being hurt for all the work they have put into their projects in order to help make a living.

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Ozark Fall FarmFest

This past weekend I participated as C – D Ranch (Co-owned with my twin sister) at the Ozark Fall FarmFest that is held at the Ozark Empire fairgorunds in Springfield, Missouri. FarmFest has been held for over thirty years and runs Friday through Sunday from nine in the morning to five at night. Each year there are over seven hundred and fifty exhibits covering all kinds of farming and ranching needs (anything from livestock to equipment). What makes this event even better is that admission and parking is completely FREE! Nothing beats that these days (http://farmtalknewspaper.com/ozarkfallfarmfest/x546173799/Ozark-Fall-Farmfest?keyword=topstory).

I took Boer goats and a Nubian doe to FarmFest to be on exhibit and for sale. The first day, Friday (Oct. 4, 2013), it was warm and sunny out. I had several FFA visitors come through and we talked about the goats and discussed the industry. However, many just stopped by for candy and to look what to see was on display. I personally feel that the FFA is starting to dwindle in agriculture knowledge, as many walked around not knowing a clue about any of the animals. I feel like it’s important for these new agriculture teachers entering the teaching world to inform these kids on everything there is to know. I have so many friends going into this field and I hope that they start impacting the FFA students and making them more knowledgeable about the agriculture industry.

On Saturday (Oct. 5, 2013) it turned off rainy and cold. Although it was not a very pleasant day, I still had a good crowed come through. Towards the end of the day I even got a serious inquirer on one of our Fullblood doe. I hope to get a call later in the week. When Sunday (Oct. 6, 2013) rolled around the weather improved some, but it stayed fairly chilly outside. This did not seem to slow the crowds down though. We had several people come thorough and ask about our does. I feel like it was a successful FarmFest, even though the weather was not that great. It was a great time, I hope to make some sales from being there, and I look forward to being there next year!

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