I have been blessed with the farm life and I could not have asked for it to be any other way. I enjoy raising livestock, helping youth members, and meeting new people. I have also been lucky to have a family and boyfriend that have the same interest and support me along the way.

In 2004 I got involved in the Boer goat industry. I started raising my own show quality goats and went to the American Boer Goat Association Nationals for several years. One of my most memorable Nationals was in 2009 down in West Monroe, Louisiana when I earned the title of National Champion Senior Showman. That year I also participated in the quiz bowl contest, which our team also won. Throughout high school I also got the chance to own and show market lambs and market hogs. I was always very active in both 4-H and FFA by being involved in whatever I could, whether it was showing livestock, participating on various teams, or doing demonstrations. I served as President of our FFA chapter my senior year of High School, which was a great experience.

After graduation I started college at Missouri State University. Here I came involved with Block and Bridle, Farm Bureau, and Collegiate FFA. I also served in various leadership roles through Block and Bridle. In FFA I went on to earn my American FFA Degree, which was awesome. I also started dating a guy who’s family owns Clearwater Farm in Springfield, MO, which has been raising registered Angus cattle for the past 80 years. At first I did not know much about showing cattle, but I quickly learned. This is how I got into showing my own cattle. I purchased my first cow calf pair from them and have been showing the heifer calf. I hope to continue improving and growing my herd. My sister and I own C-D Ranch which is nationally known for raising high quality goats, but is now also working on making a name for its self in the registered cattle industry.

I have been an Ambassador for the Missouri Pork Association, where I traveled across Missouri helping them put on different events, such as the Taste of Elegance, Youth Conference, Golf Tournament, and Missouri State Fair Swine contests. I have also had the opportunity to be an Ambassador for the Ozark Empire Fair for the past several years where I have helped with the Gold Buckle Extravaganza events and gala (a show for market animals only, where the champions get to sale at the gala). I usually help work various shows and with anything else that needs to be done. This summer I was also an Ambassador with Alltech. All these positions have been a great learning experience. It definitely opens your eyes to other things out in the agricultural industry.

I am currently a senior at Missouri State University and plan to graduate this December with an Animal Science and Agricultural Business Degree. My plans afterwards are to attend grad school and get my masters. Once I get out I hope to find a job doing something that I love in the agriculture industry. I also hope to help the youth with their projects throughout the summer.

I plan to blog about things that happen on my farm or things that are currently affecting the agriculture industry. I feel that it is of great importance to inform the people about what is happening around them, so that they may become better prepared for the future.

I hope you enjoy!

Cheyenne Arthur

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