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You look around and think your life just stinks. Everything seems like it hits all at the same time and you wonder when will it slotremor & chey editedw down. In August, on my birthday weekend, I lost our Boer buck that I had just bought a year ago due to a brain abscess that had busted. He had been the best buck I ever owned and had pushed our herd to a new level in a little amount of time. The beginning of the next month my car died on the way to college, which is an hour away from the farm. It’s those kinds of days where you just wonder what else could possibly go wrong.

Then when you least expect it you hear of other people in an even worse predicament. Due to medical problems a woman is unable to go outside. She has stayed in her house for about five or so years, except for when she needs to go back to the doctor. When I hear these things it makes me realize my life could be way worse than it is. Growing up on a farm and always having something to do or take care of, I would not know what to do with myself if it all was stripped from me and I was ordered to stay in a confined space for the rest of my life. You start realizing that all the little/simple things in life make up for what tough things have happened. Obviously a buck is replaceable, a car can be fixed, but when it comes to bigger issues, its ones that make you take a step back and rethink your original thoughts. I am lucky for the life I live, even if it does “stink” sometimes. I have a loving family, boyfriend (and his family) that are always there for me, and my animals which regularly keeps me on my toes… what more could I possibly ask for?

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